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Sustainable and Predictable Investments (Archive)

Sustainable and Predictable Investments (Archive)
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This is archived information regarding the first proposal of the Comprehensive District Design. All presentations and models are for historical purposes only. For current information and plans, visit

Over the years, MPS has accumulated programming, continuing some programs past their prime intentionally and systemically designing needed new programming. The result is a patchwork of educational initiatives that are not accessible to all students. The Comprehensive District Design will streamline academic offerings, while establishing a financially sustainable foundation that meets the unique needs of our students.


MPS will continue to pursue increased operational efficiencies, allowing us to spend more of our money on direct academic instruction rather than overhead costs. We will continue the conservative and responsible fiscal practices we’ve implemented. Future budgets will be aligned and prioritized based on goals established in this Design.


Beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, families can expect consistent and predictable staffing at all MPS schools. This means all students will have access to supports like health assistances, counselors, differentiation specialists and other academic or instructional supports necessary to support our vision for graduates.

These positions are designed to support the creation of high-quality, culturally relevant programming that meets the needs of all students, especially those groups who are leaving MPS at the highest rates. Additionally, MPS will invest in customer service and cultural humility training to help create more welcoming and culturally affirming school environments.

Market Share/Enrollment

MPS will adopt intentional enrollment strategies to correct uneven enrollment patterns. In addition to culturally responsive program offerings at schools, MPS will design transportation options that address the concerns families have about safe routes to schools.