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Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020
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Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020

Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020

Acceleration 2020

On September 9, 2014, the Board of Education approved a new strategic plan for Minneapolis Public Schools, called Acceleration 2020.  The vision is big and bold: big goals, big change, big success opportunities and deeper transparency than ever before. To learn more about Acceleration 2020, read the full plan here. Acceleration 2020 includes six high-level strategic goals for our district including:

Goal one and two: Improved student outcomes and equity

  • Provide quality core instruction
  • Ensure use of inclusive practices
  • Promote culturally and linguistically responsive practices
  • Support student innovation and develop 21st century skills
  • ‚ÄčEnsure effective implementation and monitoring

Goal three: Student, family and community engagement

  • Focus on students and families as partners to strengthen academic, social and emotional success of students
  • Target partnerships with individuals and organizations that further the academic, social and emotional success of students
  • Promote student retention and recruitment efforts, increasing enrollment and supporting students’ success

Goal four: Effective teachers, school leaders and staff

  • Attract the right people to the right roles
  • Increase capacity of staff
  • Retain our talented people

Goal five: Stewardship

  • Build foundational management systems
  • Build continuous improvement capacity
  • Align to support school innovation and autonomy
  • Transparent, equitable, student-focused funding model

Goal six: Resources for students and schools

  • Support learning and welcoming environments through capital improvements
  • Optimize central operational services