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Strategic Plan
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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Minneapolis Public Schools exists to provide a high quality, anti-racist, culturally responsive education for every Minneapolis student.

All students--regardless of their background, zip code, and personal needs-- will receive an anti-racist, holistic education that builds essential knowledge to prepare students for future success.

To achieve our vision, we will intentionally focus and prioritize resources and actions to significantly improve the experiences and outcomes of Black students, Indigenous students, students of color, and their families.

  • Equity, Representation & Anti-Racism
  • Physical and Emotional Safety & Wellbeing
  • Relationships, Trust & Communication
  • Shared Decision-Making & Voice
  • Transparency & Accountability
  • Evidence-Based Strategies

Goal 1: Academic Achievement - Every student achieves their full potential through equal access to programming that is academically rigorous and connects learning in schools with students' experiences at home.


  1. Provide standards-based core instruction with a focus on literacy and mathematics.

  2. Ensure all curriculum and instructional practices are anti-racist and sustain the cultures, languages, and experiences of our students.

  3. Ensure all community schools provide access to STEM, music, art, language, and for high schools, ethnic studies and college credit courses.

  4. Implement Professional Learning Communities to ensure all students' needs are met through a system of academic support and intervention.

  5. Provide magnet school pathways that offer innovative thematic instruction and integrated learning opportunities. 

Goal 2: Student Well-Being - Every Student’s physical and mental well-being is addressed as an integral part of their education.


  1. Provide equitable student access to culturally responsive counseling and mental health services. 

  2. Fully implement a restorative approach to student support.  

  3. Integrate social and emotional practices into all classrooms and Out of School Time activities. 

  4. Provide physically safe and welcoming school environments through strategic shortening of walk zones, building cleanliness, building improvements, landcare and strong emergency management practices.

  5. Support healthy child development through nutritious meals and promotion of physical activity. 

Goal 3: Effective Staff - School and district staff approach all work centered on students and equity.


  1. Strengthen pathways and reduce barriers for talented and diverse MPS employees and potential employees to become teachers.

  2. Maintain Teacher Equity plan focused on staffing needs of MPS’ 15 highest need schools.

  3. Deepen strategic recruitment of high quality, diverse teachers and staff.

  4. Pursue negotiations strategies that address contractual barriers to the equitable distribution and the recruitment, hiring, and retention of high-quality, diverse teachers and staff. 

  5. Pursue authentic engagement with MPS parents around the design and implementation of equitable HR policies and practices.

Goal 4: School and District Climate - MPS is known by our community as welcoming, responsive, and connected.


  1. Fully implement the climate framework to ensure all district staff, parents, and students feel heard, valued and respected. 

  2. Utilize district equity competencies to inform district hiring and retention practices, professional development opportunities, and professional support systems.  

  3. Provide consistent opportunities for youth, parents and community members to provide feedback on district policies and practices. 

  4. Ensure student placement practices support integrated learning opportunities, and increased enrollment and retention. 

  5. Support community partnerships to enhance student experiences and learning opportunities.