School Specific Questions
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School Specific Questions

School Specific Questions

Anthony Middle School

Anthony is an IB school and my daughter is working toward her IB diploma in preparation for the IB program at Southwest - so will Anwatin become an IB school so those kids can continue to work and learn toward an IB diploma?  

Students who do not attend an IB MYP Middle School, but go to an IB MYP High School will not be disadvantaged in any way. The program is designed in two parts/cycles (6-8 and 9-10).  So students will start cycle two together in grade 9. You do not need to have experienced MYP 6-8. The only learning curve may be experience with the IB specific language and vocabulary, but all IB MYP high school teachers and leaders approach their IB MYP framework of instruction as if students  have no experience with IB programs yet.

My daughter is in telescoping advanced math at Anthony. Does such a track exist at Anwatin?  

Yes. Telescoped Math courses are available across all buildings in grades 4 through 8. A student currently enrolled at Anthony will likely finish their middle school years at Anthony given the phased implementation of any plan.

Anwatin Middle School

The Comprehensive Design disrupts the dual immersion middle school at Anwatin without explanation. Why?

The Spanish Immersion is being removed due to long commute time for students from Windom. There will now be one middle grades Spanish Immersion for each region (Northeast for Region 1 and Andersen for Region 2).

Will you expand language offerings at Anwatin to include French and Japanese for students taking those languages at Anthony?

Anwatin pathways to Southwest in the design proposal and can offer any of the 3 world language courses in Southwest (French, Japanese, and Spanish). Which of the language(s) the school will offer depends on community choice because world language courses at schools are offered based on the school community’s input through school site council.

Armatage Montessori 

Is 35W a hard boundary? Can my kids continue to go to Armatage even though we live east of 35W?

Because magnets have specific attendance zones and areas within which transportation is available, yes, 35W is a hard boundary for purposes of where your child would progress through a Montessori program pathway. Students on the east side of 35W would go to Seward, and those on the west side would attend Armatage. If you didn’t make another choice, that is where your child would be assigned for a Montessori experience. However, because MPS continues to be a choice district, you have the option of applying to a school outside this boundary. If you apply by the enrollment deadline, there are seats available, and you agree to provide your child with transportation, you can attend that school.

Emerson Spanish Immersion

What is the purpose of Emerson immersion students having a pathway to Andersen (no IB), while Windom students are being offered a choice – Andersen for immersion, or Anthony for IB – as their pathway school?

Andersen is the middle school option for both Emerson and Windom students if they choose to continue with the immersion program in grades 6-8. Emerson and Windom will serve students from multiple attendance areas so students who choose not to continue with this magnet program in middle school would attend the middle school located in their attendance zone as based on their home address.

Students could also enroll in a school outside their attendance zone and be admitted if: they have met the enrollment deadline, there are seats available, they can transport the student to that school. Busing would not be available.

Won’t the proposed feeder schools for Emerson effectively cut off around 40% of the school’s current student body?

Changing Andersen to a middle school allows Emerson to recruit and market to the 235 Andersen K-5 students who will no longer be in Andersen’s Spanish programs.

Won’t Emerson become an almost entirely Latino school from these changes while Windom would become even more white? Not only does that segregate the students, it doesn’t support a strong 50/50 immersion program.

Emerson has the opportunity to pull students of all demographics through marketing and recruitment. Part of the boundary captures students living in the Longfellow and Seward neighborhoods, as well as parts of downtown. MPS is planning a marketing campaign for fall 2020 enrollment, as well as looking into ways to support individual schools in their recruitment efforts.

Is this just an effort to eventually close Emerson?

No. Emerson is one of the original immersion schools in our city -- and in the state of Minnesota -- and we take pride in the role of MPS in immersion programming.  Our goal is to provide strong immersion programming throughout the city with clear K-12 pathways based on research, data and enrollment projections.

Kenwood Elementary

There are large discrepancies in test scores and preparedness among Kenwood, Bryn Mawr and Jefferson. If a 6th grade class pulls a third of its students from each feeder elementary school, what teaching strategies will be used when a third of the students, on average, are more advanced than the other two thirds?  

Many of our classrooms have scholars  at different levels. By having differentiation specialists (as part of Predictable Staffing) and academic support for all students through Multi-Tiered Systems of Support, all levels of learners should receive the instruction they need. There will also be Tier II and Tier III (small group and individual) supports in every building for students who need extra support.

We enrolled our children in Kenwood because of its pathway into Anthony. Anthony is a much higher performing school than Anwatin. Why did you make that change?

As we examined possible schools for Kenwood students to progress to, we were looking for a middle school that is close and from which students generally move on to Southwest. That is Anwatin.  Higher performing school is based on the current enrollment of Anthony as it is compared to the current enrollment of Anwatin. It will be important to know that Anwatin’s data will change as the school’s enrollment of students will change as well.

(Looking at current Anwatin data as it relates to the potential modeled design of 2021-2022 will be completely different comparisons. Comparing current data points to the unknown/to be determined data points will be one area that we don't know yet as many variables could impact a new data set. The timeline shows that in school year 2019-20, we will begin to look at bell times and boundaries as it relates to a potential approved model. )

I would not have sent my children to Kenwood with an Anwatin pathway. Why don’t you allow children who are currently enrolled (and incoming kindergarteners) to have Anthony as their pathway and then inform future parents that the pathway will change starting with students entering in 2025?

Typically, grandfathering students during transitions significantly increases transportation costs and, with the sibling exception, students still are transitioned at some point as the sibling exception is supposed to end once the eldest sibling matriculates out. However, this is always something we consider, depending on the number of students affected. Grandfathering existing students into existing programs has not yet been addressed, and won’t be until one of the three models is voted upon and approved.

Sanford Middle School

The prescribed pathways relate to where specific K-12 programs are available. Students who want specific program pathways should attend the schools that offer them. Students who do not choose specific program pathways are still welcome to open enroll in other schools in the same attendance zone, or even in other zones. They will, of course, need to meet the enrollment deadline and secure transportation. Further, admission will depend on whether seats are available at the chosen school.

Southwest High School

Will Expanded School Options still be offered at Southwest High School?

Currently, for the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year, the District plans to continue offering the Expanded School Options (ESO) feature for out-of-area students to attend Southwest High School. The Board would need to review and then approve any change to this existing practice for Southwest High School beyond the 2019-2020 academic year.

Sheridan Immersion

How will Sheridan have enough students to make a middle school Immersion program?

Sheridan is currently a Two Way Dual Language program and students are in the immersion program through 3rd grade. As the program builds up to 5th grade, students from Sheridan and Nellie Stone Johnson (the proposed K-5 Spanish one-way dual language program) are the two dual language programs that would use the Northeast middle school dual language pathway if this proposal is approved.

Windom Immersion

Moving Windom’s zone down to 36th Street in South Minneapolis will significantly decrease or completely eliminate the Spanish speaking population in our school, which destroys our dual immersion model. I propose moving our school boundary north to Lake Street and sharing some families with Emerson Dual Immersion School.

The final boundary will be established once a model is chosen and attendance boundaries and placement protocols are determined. Part of the reason for preliminarily selecting 36th Street as a boundary was to maintain shorter transportation times for both Windom and Emerson students.