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Weather Closing Information
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Severe Weather Notices

Severe Weather Notices

The primary criteria we consider when making a decision to close buildings include:

  • The safety and well-being of students and staff
  • Severity of the weather (extreme cold, flooding, heat, etc.)
  • Timing of weather (overnight, weekend, etc.)
  • The ability for buses and cars to travel safely

We continually monitor the forecast from the National Weather Service, and the superintendent meets with numerous administrators in order to make the best decision for students, staff and families. 

Making the Decision

The superintendent makes a decision to move to e-learning after consulting with the administrative team and other stakeholders as needed. The superintendent may consult with the superintendents from other metro school districts and the Minnesota Department of Education for additional perspective. Knowing transportation can be more difficult on days with winter weather conditions, Transportation Department staff members work throughout the evening and early morning to ensure that buses will run at or near schedule and that students will not wait too long at bus stops. The Communications Department communicates the status of learning to families and staff.

Inclement Weather Days Become E-learning Days

Instruction for MPS students will continue even on days when weather conditions make physically being in school difficult. The State of Minnesota has approved up to five “e-learning days” for schools annually. E-learning days allow students to continue learning and also reduce the chance that schools will have to make up days at the end of the school year due to inclement weather days.

Learn more about e-learning days.

Food Resources

For a list of food resources when our school buildings are closed, visit the City of Minneapolis website.

What Conditions Make Us Consider Closing School Buildings?

From heat to snow and ice to frigid temperatures, Minnesota weather can cause challenges to school operations. Learn more about the types of weather that may impact school. In each of these scenarios, e-learning will be implemented so learning can continue even if buildings are closed.

Up to five days of e-learning for weather-related concerns are allowed under Minnesota state statute.

Types of Closures

Families should assume school is in session unless they are otherwise notified. In the event that weather impacts school operations, Minneapolis Public Schools may cancel after-school activities or close school buildings and move to e-learning. Families are notified through robocalls, text messages, social media, the MPS and school websites and TV news.

Learn more about possible scenarios by clicking the title above. 

Winter Weather Tips and Resources
  • Please dress children appropriately for winter weather conditions.
  • If your child or children need warm winter clothing, check with school principals for assistance.
  • Call the community assistance agency “United Way 2-1-1” at 1-800-543-7709.
  • If you have questions, contact your school administrator or Minneapolis Public Schools at 612-668-0000.

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