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Reports and Data

Student Accounting Reports
District Period Enrollment Reports
This series of reports show a snapshot of the district-wide enrollment data that is taken on the first valid school day of the indicated month.

Student Racial & Ethnic Demographics Reports
This report is produced in the fall of each academic school year and represents the official district-wide demographics of the student racial/ethnic count.

District Free & Reduced Lunch Program Reports
This report is produced in the fall of each academic school year and it serves as a poverty-indicator by highlighting the district-wide count of students who qualify as eligible for free and reduced lunch meals and is based on both the school sites attended and also on aggregate district data.

Where Students Live Reports
This report is produced in the fall of each academic school year and is an enrollment-based report that provides data on the city of Minneapolis residential areas being represented by the total number of students that are currently attending MPS, by the attendance area in which they live and also by the school sites and programs in which these students are currently enrolled.
Accountability Reports
The MPS Data Dashboard is an interactive website that allows users to see interactive charts and graphs about our schools and the district as a whole, including MCA proficiency and growth levels and Multiple Measurement Rating (MMR) data, which provides a score for each school based on MCA scores, MCA growth levels, and achievement gap reductions, as well as graduation targets for high schools.
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