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Old: Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020
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Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020

Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020


On September 9, 2014, the Board of Education approved a new strategic plan for Minneapolis Public Schools, called Acceleration 2020.  The vision is big and bold: big goals, big change, big success opportunities and deeper transparency than ever before.  To learn more about Acceleration 2020, click the following links:

Acceleration 2020 includes six high-level strategic goals for our district.  Follow the links below for more information on each specific goal:

Goals 1 & 2: Improved Student Outcomes AND Equity

All students graduate ready for college and career with global competencies for the 21st century

Learning for students and student groups is accelerated to transcend disparities and ensure positive educational outcomes

Goal 3: Family & Community Partnership

MPS engages families and the community to support student success

Goal 4: Effective Teachers, School Leaders & Staff

MPS is a learning organization committed to the growth, development and engagement of all staff

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