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MPS Takes Active Steps to Reduce Costs

Nov. 16, 2017

MEDIA CONTACT:                  

Dirk Tedmon       
Media Relations Coordinator

Minneapolis Public Schools taking active steps to reduce costs

MINNEAPOLIS – While acknowledging the many sacrifices already made by employees, Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) today announced two cost-saving measures effective immediately to reduce expenses during the current school year: 1) hiring restrictions; and 2) new travel guidelines. The school system recognizes building a financially sustainable district will take continued effort, patience and collaboration.

Following are brief overviews of these restrictions. Please review the attached documents for more detailed information on how these restrictions apply.

Hiring Restrictions
Beginning immediately, hiring is restricted for central office positions not directly serving students, regardless of funding source. This hiring restriction does not apply to vacant positions that directly serve students.

In the rare case where there is a potential exception to this restriction, department leaders will be required to receive approval from the district’s senior leadership team and the Superintendent. Outside of those exceptions, Human Resources will not post new positions or repost currently vacant positions after November 17; in most cases, positions already in process may continue.

Travel Restrictions
The district is severely curtailing travel this school year with the goal of focusing limited resources on what is currently working and giving top priority to classroom-based activities and expenditures. Out-of-district travel for all employees will be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Some travel is mandatory and will continue. Examples include:

  • travel required (not “allowed”) as a provision of a grant and paid for by those grant funds
  • travel provided for under the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement
  • travel associated with compliance as directed in state or federal statutes or regulations

Even in those cases, the district is asking for strict adherence to the minimum requirements necessary to maintain such compliance.

“We need to make some important decisions about our basic infrastructure so that the programs and services MPS offers don’t continue to cost more than we can afford,” said Superintendent Ed Graff. “We can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. I am committed to structurally balancing the Minneapolis Public Schools budget.”

For more information on the MPS budget, visit www.mpls.k12.mn.us/mps_budget.

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