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MPS Shines
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MPS Shines

MPS Shines

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Each month of the school year, MPS will highlight staff members who have been nominated by their colleagues for a job well done. The nominations can come from anyone about any staff member, and the winners are determined by a random drawing.

We encourage nominations that highlight a strategic plan goal, when possible:

  • MPS Learns – Academic Achievement
  • MPS Supports – Student Well-Being
  • MPS Works – Effective Staff
  • MPS Together – Enhanced School and District Climate

One winner from each of these work categories will be picked each month:

  • Central Office and Support staff 
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • ESPs
  • School staff

Prizes: MPS Shines coffee mug and a visit from Interim Superintendent Rochelle Cox.

May 2023 Winners

Sofia Perez, account specialist, Minneapolis Kids
Central Office

"Sofia is an absolute joy to work with and is a crucial member of our Minneapolis Kids team.   

She brings a positive energy every day and is extremely hard working!  She never hesitates to help another member of the team if they have questions or need help with a task.  She always goes above and beyond to support our families and handles any challenges with thoughtfulness and grace.  She also has really stepped up in times of need to keep everything running smoothly in the office.  

Thank you, Sofia, for all you do every day to make Minneapolis Kids a great program!” 

-Minneapolis Kids Central Office Team

Winston Butler, associate educator, Folwell Elementary

“Winston is essential to our school community! On top of being an excellent colleague, he works tirelessly to build positive relationships with students and their families. He is a hilarious and positive member of staff that makes my job easier and more enjoyable.” - Ashley Penney

“Mr. Butler is part of the Folwell Student Support team. He is a kind, caring, consistent adult figure who sets a wonderful example for our students. He shows up every day and in every way to make sure our students have a positive way to resolve conflicts. He also works for our after school/community education program providing social-emotional support through enrichment activities. He is an essential part of our school community and a strong, reliable team member that makes his colleagues, students, and families feel seen and heard everyday.” - Bridget Mendoza-Smith

Bill Sepple, Custodian
School Staff

“Bill is thoughtful and thorough. He quickly supports any request, and always with kind words and a smile!” - Laurie Wright

Wendy Petersen, English teacher, South High School

"Wendy is an English Second Language teacher at South High school. She is an amazing teacher who is dedicated, professional, respectful, patient, a great listener, and kind to all of her students. 

She is willing to go the extra mile to help students in and out of her class. She takes the time to know her students and build strong relationships with them beyond expectations. Wendy is great helping students to build their skills and confidence levels. For example, students feel comfortable asking her questions about how to improve their skills to write strong papers or complete their assignments in her class as well as other classes. Whether students are language learners or not, they know they can stop by Ms. Petersen to ask for academic or emotional support. She is also constantly collaborating with other teachers and staff to assist students overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. Lastly, Ms. Petersen shows great respect for students’ languages and backgrounds. She takes the time to get to know their particular cultures, celebrations, traditions, etc. By watching her interact with her students, it is obvious she respects and celebrates their differences and see their strengths.” - Corina Pastrana

Christian Ledesma, principal, Roosevelt High School

“It has been a long time since I have felt the freedom to show vulnerability with a boss. Christian is a boss with whom I can be my authentic self and show vulnerability. I am really grateful to work in a building with someone who sees me as a person first. Roosevelt has systems that work and puts students first, all while allowing staff to be themselves. I am grateful for his leadership.”