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MPS Shines
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MPS Shines

MPS Shines

View the December/January winners

View all December/January nominees

Each month of the school year, MPS will highlight staff members who have been nominated by their colleagues for a job well done. The nominations can come from anyone about any staff member, and the winners are determined by a random drawing.

We encourage nominations that highlight a strategic plan goal, when possible:

  • MPS Learns – Academic Achievement
  • MPS Supports – Student Well-Being
  • MPS Works – Effective Staff
  • MPS Together – Enhanced School and District Climate

One winner from each of these work categories will be picked each month:

  • Central Office and Support staff 
  • Teachers
  • Principals
  • ESPs
  • School staff

Prizes: MPS Shines coffee mug and lunch on Interim Superintendent Rochelle Cox.

December/January Winners

Teacher: Aberdeen Rodriguez, Edison High English teacher

“Aberdeen is an incredible teacher who puts an unbelievable amount of time and energy into her classroom. She is constantly coming up with games and other ways to engage her students. She always centers students and reflects on how she can continue to lift up students.” -Shannon Durphy

Central Office: Charlotte Kinzley, manager of Homeless & Highly Mobile Student Services

“Charlotte deserves the MPS Shines Award because her passion in helping our homeless students and families is incredible. Charlotte helps our team find ways to support the HHM students and families we serve. Her passion is what drives our work, and she is always willing to step in and help our team no matter how busy her schedule is. Charlotte is my manager; however, she feels like a team member. She is very supportive of our team, she allows us to be creative, she pushes us to become the best that we can be in our role and outside of our role. I have never had a manager that will get in and do the work with the team like Charlotte does. I speak for our whole team when I say that Charlotte's dedication, passion, selflessness, caring spirit and determination to end homelessness deserves to be recognized." -Amber Shannon

Principal: Pao Vue, Jenny Lind Elementary principal

“When the Davis Center lost power, Pao immediately offered us space to hold professional development the next morning, and even greeted me in the morning and helped me set up the room.” -Nolan Murphy

School Staff: Linda Halverson, Kenny Elementary School secretary

“Linda is and has been the most amazing secretary I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She does everything with a smile! She is kind and caring and our building wouldn't be the same without her. She goes the extra mile everyday and never complains. I believe the entire school would agree that she is the best and is deserving of this and so much more! I wish every school could have the experience of working with her -- but I don't think we want to share!” -Angie McCann

“Linda is our secretary at Kenny Elementary School, and she is amazing. She has been working at Kenny forever and she knows everything about the building and how it works -- she is the backbone of Kenny! She gets here at the beginning of the day before just about anyone arrives and is one of the last to leave. She is always working so hard to make sure everything is running smoothly and never takes a day off. Last year when we had interim principals for most of the year, she held everything together and kept communication for teachers, families and transportation running smoothly. She is such a hard worker and deserves all the recognition!” -Adriana Gordon

ESP: Jacqueline Pennaz, MPS Online Special Education Assistant

“Jacqueline (Ms. Jackie) deserves this award for many reasons. First and foremost is Jackie's ability to form relationships with students through her authenticity and caring personality. Jackie is able to reach students through humor, personal connection and consistent presence within our Online school. She shows up day in and day out, ready to engage students in learning. Jackie is also a role model of vulnerability for students. This is shown in her always keeping her camera on, as well as participating in classroom activities like show-and-tell. Jackie also uses stories to connect to students' experiences, and show them that they are not alone in experiencing the highs and lows of life itself, including within their school experience. Finally, Jackie is always willing to do what is best for students, including supporting colleagues when they need it. She has stepped up to support several different teachers and student groups within our program this year, sometimes at a moment's notice. Jackie is flexible and open to trying new things, and this is seen by both school staff as well as families. Several students and families have expressed how lucky they feel to have Jackie be part of our team. Thank you for everything you do, Ms. Jackie!” -Nik Sell