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Legislative Agenda
In This Section

MPS 2021 Legislative Agenda

MPS 2021 Legislative Agenda

I. Stable, Predictable Funding

  • Tie the general education aid formula to inflation
  • Allow districts to use Fiscal Year 2020 enrollment and free-reduced lunch counts for Fiscal Year 2021 funding formulas
  • Renew Voluntary pre-kindergarten funding and expand school-based pre-kindergarten programs so more families have access to all day Pre-K
  • Allow elected school boards to renew existing operating and capital projects levies which have been approved by voters without requiring additional referenda elections
  • Renew the authority for districts to bill for Special Education Aides salaries and special education transportation expenses as if in-person learning were taking place
  • Continue funding for the Minneapolis Employee Retirement Fund (MERF) at current law levels
  • Transfer district of residence to the serving district after one year for students who open enroll and are placed in cooperative programs

II. Special Education Funding and Policy

  • Address the mismatch of open enrollment and special education tuition billing statutes so resident district budgets do not take a disproportionate share of the cost burden
  • Address the rapidly rising cost of special education tuition billing due to some schools’ ability to bill back 100% of their costs

III. Foster Stable, Healthy Engaged Families

  • Support increases in state funding for Full Service Community Schools
  • Expand funding for school-linked mental health grants
  • Fully fund the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and align it with Pathway I Scholarships
  • Ensure access to safe and affordable housing for students and families

IV. Ensure Equitable Access to Proven Programs

  • Increase English Learner funding to close the funding gap
  • Expand state support of teacher residency programs with a focus on teachers of color, special education, career and technical education, math and ESL/bilingual education
  • Allow Q Comp funds to be used for professional development for associate educators
  • Fund ACT for all students
  • Make ethnic studies a state graduation requirement for high school students
  • Reduce the length of the required state assessments and give districts the authority to replace the high school assessments with college and career readiness assessments