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A Well-Rounded Education Regardless of Zip Code (Archive)

A Well-Rounded Education Regardless of Zip Code (Archive)
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This is archived information regarding the first proposal of the Comprehensive District Design. All presentations and models are for historical purposes only. For current information and plans, visit

MPS students deserve a well-rounded education no matter their race, income or zip code. Students must have equitable access to rigorous and challenging academic programming in a variety of subjects, as well as arts, athletics, activities, service learning, and career/college programming. This programming should be culturally relevant and help students and families feel safe, welcome and respected in our schools. 

How MPS will teach

No matter where in the district your child attends school, you can expect:

  • Multiple programs to both support and challenge students as needed
  • Level 1- 3 special education services
  • Advanced academic offerings
  • Social and Emotional Learning and College/Life Skills incorporated within other subjects

As students progress through MPS, they will experience:

  • Foundational academics for elementary students to build creative, critical thinkers, with access to accelerated learning and music education during and after school
  • Rigorous coursework for middle grades students that builds on their foundational skills, with continued access to accelerated learning and at least one world language
  • Challenging options for high school students that provide relevant core instruction, rigorous and meaningful elective classes, and access to career and technical exploration, PSEO and accelerated learning

As we invest in effective academic programming, families can expect MPS to focus on our four core priorities: literacy, support systems for all learners, social and emotional learning, and equity. We will ensure our English Learner and World Language programming is better aligned and consistent throughout MPS, implement restorative practices in all schools, and expand ethnic studies courses in our high school. Finally, we want to enhance high school academic offerings by exploring project-based learning in selected 9th grade ELA classrooms, and reimagine our Career and Technical Education offerings.