• Comprehensive District Design

After introducing a proposed Comprehensive District Design in April 2019, MPS reviewed significant feedback and have now refocused the plan on systemic change and breaking the cycle of disparate achievement outcomes based on race and economics.

Overwhelming qualitative and quantitative data compiled over multiple Superintendents, Boards and administrations is clear. Some MPS students are acquiring excellent, well-rounded educations and others are not. Too often that difference is predictable by zip code.

While some place the blame on students and families, we believe the system is designed to produce the results we see, advantaging some and disadvantaging others. And while we don’t believe this is intentional, we know only large systems change can break this pattern.

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Congrats to the North High Polars!

Our North High Polars finished a fantastic season strong with a second-place finish at the State Football Championship. They have truly solidified their standing as a first-rate team with impressive showings at the championship games over the last few years. We’re proud of you!

Guitar Concert and Fundraising Event Wednesday, October 9th

The 3 Strings Band, one of Southwest’s many guitar ensembles, has been selected out of hundreds of applicants to perform the keynote address at the National Association of Music Educators Conference in Orlando, Florida this November. The group, under the direction of guitar educator, Ruth LeMay, will demonstrate innovative inclusive music education. The group must raise $58,000 to take 54 people, including 16 students with special needs, parents, staff and student support to Orlando in the two months. They have raised $39,000 and are working on the final $19,000.

Minneapolis Public Schools’ 8th annual Farm to School Community BBQ celebrates local food

Governor Tim Walz will join the BBQ on Tuesday, which promises to be an evening of good food, local farmers, and free family fun! This annual community event demonstrates Minneapolis Public Schools’ (MPS’s) commitment to supporting small to mid-size farmers, serving fresh and locally-grown food in our lunchrooms, and educating our students and families about the importance of local food, agriculture, wellness, and nutrition. The BBQ will take place in the parking lot of MPS’s Culinary Center, right in front of a large garden transformed into an outdoor farm classroom.


Justice Page Middle School to Celebrate Installation of Student Murals

On Friday, September 6, 2019, students, staff, families and community members will celebrate the installation of four murals created by Justice Page Middle School students last year that now adorn the 49th and 50th Street entrances to the building.