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Equity Framework
In This Section

MPS Equity Framework

MPS Equity Framework

MPS is committed to addressing the educational gaps in our District. The MPS Equity Framework is supported by the Equity and Diversity Policy 1304 and the District’s Strategic Plan: Acceleration 2020 which states that “Every student deserves equitable access to quality academic programs and support to be successful, regardless of race, economic status or circumstance.”


The MPS Equity Framework reinforces the mission of the Minneapolis Public Schools and aligns student success and educational equity as the cornerstones of our work. The framework embodies the District's philosophy on equity and outlines the District's beliefs, values, priorities, and practices. It guides our understanding of where we must continue to grow and where we must embrace change and provides opportunity for reflection and to practice collective accountability. 

Our equity priorities focus on these four areas:

  1. Pedagogy of Equity
  2. Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment
  3. Families as Education Partners
  4. Equity in Operations

We understand that we have the responsibility to:

  • Professionalize equity of pedagogy by institutionalizing delivery of models of culturally responsive teaching and professional development;
  • Assess equitable policies, practices, procedures, programs, and budgets that significantly impact student learning and resource allocation;
  • Exercise collective accountability to improve the educational outcomes of our students, and respectfully engage authentic and collaborative relationships with students, families, communities, and education partners;
  • Embed an equity lens and culturally responsive delivery in all academic and non-academic operations; and
  • Monitor and evaluate progress along multiple dimensions for continuous improvement

​We acknowledge that this framework is ever evolving to support continuous improvement. We know that transformational change will not take place unless we have the commitment and participation of the MPS community. Together, we can overcome persistent and predictable barriers to racial equity and create an equitable educational system.