Equitable Programming
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Programs and structures that make sense and work together (Archive)

Programs and structures that make sense and work together (Archive)
Young man helping his brother, who is sitting in a wheelchair and has a disability

This is archived information regarding the first proposal of the Comprehensive District Design. All presentations and models are for historical purposes only. For current information and plans, visit mpls.k12.mn.us/UpdatedCDD.

MPS will:

Underpinning the Design recommendations is equitable access to extracurricular offerings, regardless of zone. The Comprehensive District Design allows for continued opportunities for specialty programming and learning approaches based on the needs and desires of the school community

Special Education Program Pathways

The Comprehensive District Design supports students receiving special education services by:

  • Shifting from “Citywide” to “Specialized Programs” located in each zone and designed for both student needs and disability areas
  • Ensuring every comprehensive middle and high school serves all students regardless of disability and/or level of service needed thus allowing school choice for every student
  • Grouping elementary schools in clusters to provide specialized programs with at least 2 classrooms together and no more than 4 classrooms
  • Providing Specialized Programs space for customized programming in the areas of SEL and Sensory Interventions
  • Creating specialized pathways in each zone to allow students to progress through grades with classmates.