Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)
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Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)

Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)

What is the Equity and Diversity Impact Assessment (EDIA)?

The EDIA is one component of the MPS Equity Framework which promotes equitable policies, practices, procedures, programs and budgets. It is both an assessment tool and guided process that identifies and examines predictable inequities in policies, practices, and procedures that significantly impacts student learning and resource allocation. 


The EDIA was developed through the time, effort, ideas, and expertise of communities of color over ten years ago. At the time, the Education Equity Organizing Collaborative (EEOC) and communities of color conducted their own racial equity impact assessment on the District's proposed referendums to determine how equitable it was and if it would negatively impact students of color. Through this experience, EEOC began hosting deep dialogues and learning sessions regarding equity issues in the district. What came out of these learning sessions was a partnership to develop and implement a district impact assessment to reduce any negative impact that decisions would have on MPS students and families. The impact assessment has since evolved into what is now known as the EDIA. MPS understands that the EDIA must continue to evolve to support continuous improvement.  

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