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Resolve a concern
In This Section

Resolve a Concern

Resolve a Concern

If you have a school-related problem, we want to help solve it.

  • For an efficient resolution to your problem, please call the individuals or offices below in the order listed.
  • Write down the name of everyone you speak with and keep all documents and letters related to your problem.

General school issues

  1. The school principal
  2. The Office of the Ombudsperson | 612.668.0234

Discipline (Learn about the Behavior Standards policy)

  1. The school principal
  2. The Positive School-Wide Engagement Office 

Transportation / Busing

  1. The transportation department | 612.668.2300


  1. The school principal
  2. The Office of Safety and Security Management | 612.668.0177

Student enrollment and school assignments

  1. Student Placement Services | 612.668.1840

English Language Learners

  1. Their classroom teacher
  2. The school principal
  3. The Multilingual Department | 612.668.0174
  4. The Office of Communications, Engagement and External Relations | 612.668.2097

Special Education

  1. Their classroom teacher
  2. The school principal
  3. The Special Education Parent Department

Policy / Legal

  1. Questions and concerns about policy matters (which apply to the entire school system rather than a particular student or school) may be directed to the General Counsel’s office.

If you have a problem or situation that you have been unable to resolve by working with staff at the appropriate school or administrative building, please contact the Office of the Ombudsperson at 612.668.0234 or via email at engagement@mpls.k12.mn.us