Comprehensive District Design
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Comprehensive District Design 2019-2022

Comprehensive District Design 2019-2022

Over the past few weeks, Minneapolis Public Schools has been grateful to receive feedback from families, staff and community members regarding our initial recommendations for a Comprehensive District Redesign. We have held four major community meetings, as well as well as several smaller, community-specific meetings to outline the recommendations.

Meetings to Date

  • April 30: Latino Parent Advisory Committee
  • May 3: Somali Parent Advisory
  • May 9: Special Education Advisory Comm.
  • May 13: Edison High School
  • May 15: Hmong Parent Advisory Committee
  • May 15: MFT and ESP members (tentative)
  • May 16: District principal focus groups
  • May 16: Southwest High School
  • May 20: Wilder Education Center
  • May 21: Davis Center
  • May 22: Family Liaison Meeting
  • May 23: Heritage Family Night @ Hmong International Academy
  • Site meetings at: Anderson, Pratt, Emerson, Windom, Anwatin, Sanford, Longfellow

Superintendent Graff promised that once we had gathered that input, we would bring forward a recommendation regarding possible modifications to the Comprehensive Design timeline.

As a result of the feedback, a longer timeline has been recommended that will allow more time and increased opportunities for community engagement through the summer and fall. This will also allow more time for the Board to have discussions and work sessions about the important underlying issues that have gotten us to where we are in the District. The initial recommendations have opened a door to have substantive conversations about desegregation and integration, choice and how placement protocols have impacted our schools, and how race and income affect public education. We believe these conversations are a good thing and will ultimately lead us to a better defined set of recommendations to present to the Board and the community in the fall.

At the Board's Committee of the Whole meeting (agenda and presentations) (video) on May 28, the Board engaged in a discussion about their values related to increasing integration in our schools and what integration’s role should be in this plan. In June we will have a deeper analysis of our feedback to date and we will also give a brief update on summer engagement opportunities. Under the revised timeline, the Board will not be asked to vote on any recommendations until December, followed by a planning period before substantive changes would be launched.

Updated May 29, 2019