Comprehensive District Design
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Comprehensive District Design 2019-2022

Comprehensive District Design 2019-2022

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Minneapolis Public Schools has served this city for more than 100 years. Over those years, student and family needs have continued to change. Even today MPS must evolve in ways that meet those changing needs and also position our district to serve students well into the future.

Over the past 18 months, we have examined data to weigh options for a sustainable path forward that better serves all of our students. We recognize that the days are gone when MPS was the only public school option available. Some families are happy with the way we do business. Some are not. We recognize we cannot be all things to all people. How then do we equitably serve all students while still being good stewards of the financial resources provided by the very people we serve?

It’s time to talk about next steps. We are eager to share the initial recommendations of our Comprehensive District Design, a plan for fundamentally improving the way MPS educates its students.

The Board and the community play an important role in crafting how MPS moves forward. With every recommendation we’ve made, we have had to consider Board and community response. Is the Minneapolis community ready to have difficult discussions about longstanding programs that may or may not be effectively impacting achievement? Are families ready to realistically consider whether taxpayer dollars are being most efficiently used by keeping all schools open instead of consolidating some buildings?

Our first year recommendations focus overwhelmingly on strengthening academics, especially for children experiencing the greatest disparities. Throughout this plan we will prioritize MPS’s sustainability and our future students’ academic achievement, now and in the future. Learn more about our proposed recommendations on this website or by reading this one-pager.

Following a preliminary presentation of the District Design on April 30 at the Board’s Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting, we will look forward to receiving Board and community input in May and beyond, before the Board votes on a final plan; now scheduled for August.