Safety Tips
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Back to school safety tips

Back to school safety tips

Help students stay safe

Reinforce these tips to help keep students of all ages safe during the school year.

  • Remind your child to stay aware of his or her surroundings, avoid unfamiliar people and places and trust his or her instincts. 
  • Teach your child to call 911 in an emergency situation or if he or she needs help.
  • When your child leaves home, make sure he or she always tells you the destination and time of return. Children should travel in pairs/groups or with a trusted adult.
  • If you drive your child to school, follow the school’s arrival and dismissal plan. If your child walks to school, be aware of his or her route to and from school. Walk safely, avoiding busy streets if possible.
  • Make sure that students who have difficulty communicating have their address and home phone number with them, either in a backpack or attached to the inside of their clothing.
  • Encourage neighbors to drive safely and watch out for students on their way to and from school.
  • Children should avoid carrying large sums of cash or valuable items.
  • Middle and high school students should always wear or carry their student identification badge.

Talk to your child about school bus safety

  • Stay out of the danger zones. It is safest to stay on the curb when waiting for the bus.
  • Follow all bus rules. Do not bring anything on the bus that is not allowed in school. 
  • Stay seated when the bus is in motion.
  • Keep hands and items inside the bus.

Talk to your child about internet safety

  • Avoid postings that could enable a stranger to locate you.
  • Do not disclose your last name, the name of your school or the town where you live.
  • When online, remember that people may not be who they say they are.
  • Never agree to meet someone you have met online in person.