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Acceleration 2020: Measures and Targets
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Acceleration 2020 Measures & Targets

Acceleration 2020 Measures & Targets

In September 2014, the Board of Education approved a new strategic plan for Minneapolis Public Schools, called Acceleration 2020. The plan includes six high-level strategic goals for our district.  In addition to these six goals, we have adopted specific performance measures with ambitious targets for each goal—46 measures in total.  Click the strategic plan goal below to see the measures aligned to each goal:

All measures were developed in the big, bold spirit of the 5-8-10 plan, which states as our goals:

  • 5 percent annual increase in students overall meeting or exceeding state standards in reading and math
  • 8 percent annual increase in students meeting or exceeding standards in reading and math for MPS’ lowest-performing students
  • 10 percent annual increase in the four-year graduation rate

Our targets are intentionally high to reignite a sense of urgency in the system and ensure that everyone is operating with growth mindset. Meeting these targets is absolutely possible. Under this plan, we will achieve our vision of every child graduating college and career ready.