Comprehensive District Design
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Dear MPS community,

In preparation for next Tuesday’s Board of Education meeting, today we made public new information about the Comprehensive District Design (CDD). This new information lays out our vision for the CDD, explains clearly why we think it’s necessary, and provides a new timeline and action plan for the CDD. Throughout the spring and summer District staff and individual Board directors have reviewed feedback, participated in additional engagement opportunities and commissioned additional data investigation related to the CDD.

As a result of that work and other external factors that will affect District design planning, administration is bringing forward to the Board a modified Comprehensive District Design timeline that allows for additional engagement through multiple vehicles and the completion of full or partial equity diversity impact assessments.

Because we processed the input of both board and community, we are actually able to do more than originally intended. Through policy reviews and an intentional focus on equity, we may be able to influence and positively impact generations to come. We promised to listen, reflect and adapt, and we are.

None of this information is final and will be presented to the Board for review on Tuesday, but we want to be better and more intentional about letting our community know when new information comes out about the CDD.

To review the PowerPoint please click here.

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