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2020 Election
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Election 2020: Resources and Information

Election 2020: Resources and Information
One thing about this election is certain: Almost everyone has strong feelings and opinions about it. Yet regardless of the outcome or when the election is decided, we will be the same MPS.
We will be the MPS that continues improving how we serve our students and support our staff. We will not be distracted by political arguments that seek to tear us apart rather than bring us together, but we will support our students in their advocacy and free speech, even when we don’t agree.
We will be the MPS that continues to call out systemic racism and racial bias, and addresses their root causes in our school system. We will speak out when our students are taken from us too soon by gun violence, or when they are removed from their families without due process simply because of the color of their skin or the language they speak.
All of us at MPS will work to keep our students, staff and families safe, to show care, compassion and grace, to practice cultural humility, and to be good listeners as we strive to be great educators and education advocates.
Thank you for being part of the MPS family.