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Bus Information

Bus Information

Logistics and Basic Information

When parents register their child at a school, they are asked for information to set up a bus stop for their child.

  • Students are assigned bus stops within one-quarter (Grades K-5) to one-half (Grades 6-12) mile from their homes. Students can also receive transportation to a daycare address within a school busing area.
  • Contact your child’s school if you have a change of address. School staff can help arrange a new school bus and bus stop.
  • For students enrolled prior to August 1, stops are established for the first day of school and bus information is mailed to homes in August.
  • Students enrolling after August 1 will be given a temporary bus stop for the first day of school. A permanent bus stop will be assigned within 10 school days. The first round of changes will be effective Sept. 5 and new changes will be effective each Weds. thereafter. Families will need to transport their child until a stop is created.

Using Metro Transit

For the First Day of School

  • Help your child get to school on time.
  • In order to be on time, your child should be at the bus stop 5 minutes early each day.
  • Walk with your child to the bus stop on the first day; show your child how to get there. Meet your child at the bus stop in the afternoon and show him or her how to get home.

School Bus Safety

  • Stay out of the danger zones. It is safest to stay on the curb when waiting for the bus.
  • Do not bring anything on the bus that is not allowed in school.
  • Stay seated when the bus is in motion.
  • Keep hands and items inside the bus.

Have a great first day of school!